1480A USB Protocol Analyzer Software Downloads

The 1480A software and drivers are qualified to run on all 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 Windows platform (XPSP2 or newer).
Note: The below software installer does not include the required .NET framework 2.0 runtime. 
If you are using an early version of Windows XP you may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86). 
On Windows 7-10 platforms, you may have to enable the .NET framework via the control panel per this support forum post.
Version Comment Download link
4.5.0 Significantly improved ability to capture very long USB trace data sessions (hours). Also made minor bug fixes. 1480A_Std_4.5.0.exe
4.4.0 Fixed FIFO overflow bug at high bandwidth use on link under test. 1480A_Std_4.4.0.exe
4.3.0 Fixed HS enumeration decoding issue when MAC OS is used as host under test.  
4.2.0 Modified FPGA Configuration. Improves PC upload speed. Decreases risk of FIFO overruns (F0 Events) in case of high bandwidth capture.  
4.1.0 Reduced installation package size to 7 MB by streamlining installation with the 32-bit 3.6.5 installation package. This installation package contains software and drivers for all 32-bit and 64-bit platforms (Windows XP SP2 and newer required).  
4.0.0 Introduced support for all 32-bit x86 and 64-bit x64 Windows versions (XP SP2 or newer required).  
3.6.5 Fixed bug that caused Device Descriptors not to be correctly decoded in the details view. NOTE: This package does not support 64-bit platforms.  
3.6.4 Fixed PayLoad column display for Device Requests with OUT Payload that incorrectly showed 'No Data'.  
3.6.3 Modified the FPGA logic to work around occasional reset problems of the ISP1505 USB Transceiver chip.
3.6.2 Introduced asynchronous, queued data upload. This increases the upload speed to approximately 30 MB/s. Now allowing multiple application instances to run. Note; each application instance must run from separate directories or else temporary files will be corrupted.
3.6.1 Fixed broken payload search that did not return correct search results when DATA packets were filtered out.
3.6 Added Packet Capture Pause/Resume functionality. This allows uninteresting parts of a capture session to be thrown away by the 1480A hardware.
3.5.2 Improved data upload speed which lowers the risk of the 1480A Capture FIFO filling up. Lowered FPGA drive strength on ULPI clock output pin to get cleaner signal. Added exception handler around search results selection function.
3.5 Added Discovered Devices View. Fixed Protocol Parser bug that could cause capture files not to be correctly flushed to disk. This only affected legacy .usb files that did not end with F0 or F1 stream markers.
3.4.1 Now displaying End-of-stream markers in the main Protocol View. These indicate when the 1480A FIFO has filled up as well as when the capture has been manually stopped by the user. Fixed the headers in the markers view - could be moved - now fixed.
3.4 Added OTG Descriptor decoding. Added OTG HNP and SRP Protocol Decoding. Added OTG Vbus Decoding. Added OTG Filtering. Fixed Device Reset duration display bug.
3.3.1 Fixed string search bug that caused strings with embedded double-spaces not to be found in the searched data. Fixed crash when scrolling through a large trace with mostly the same icons displayed (.NET Framework bug workaround)
3.3 Introduced Marker and Set/Clear Time reference features. This allows detailed timing measurements in all views. Fixed crash when parsing SPLIT Transactions containing a single SPLIT Packet (coming from another cable segment attached to an upstream hub.
3.2.1 Introduced relative/absolute timestamps. Fixed off-by-one buffer crash when browsing case-insensitive search result.
3.2 Added icons to the Protocol and Node Finder views that indicate type and direction of Packets and Transfers. Fixed crash when entering blank payload search expression. Fixed crash when second instance of the application was executed. Now only allowing a single application instance to run.
3.1 Added Payload Search functionality. Also added various GUI updates.
3.0 This is the Professional version. Introduced advanced parsing engine that allows streaming of data to file. Allows very large captures without overloading the RAM. Now allowing node filtering so that uninteresting nodes like SOF can be hidden. Added device address and endpoint filtering functionality.
2.2.1 Fixed PING Transaction decoding (ACK was shown as a top-level node due to in-stream SE0's). Fixed bad status for IN and OUT ISO high-bandwidth transfers (previously shown as 'Incomplete'). Fixed incorrect protocol parsing when receiving Device Request traffic to a device connected to a different cable segment (to the same host controller).
2.2 Significantly improved protocol parsing speed by using external StreamConverter process that converts from .usb stream to .atm stream. Now indexing tree nodes instead of sequentially searching for tree nodes. Fixed slow performance in the Message View. Removed the 'tools' menu option since the only option was to disable the Message View. Since the message view is no longer slowing down the parsing, the options dialog is no longer needed. Added Keep-Alive bus state detection in LS mode. SE0s longer than 2.5us (LS/FS) / 3ms (HS) are displayed as Device Reset. Now displaying length of the Device Reset bus state in the Item column. Added Keep-Alives node tracking in the Node Finder. Added more sample capture files.
2.1.1 Now also decoding Other_Speed_Configuration descriptor. Fixed 100% CPU utilization when the 1480A was disconnected while capturing data. IN Transactions with STALL status incorrectly displayed a details pane status text of 'incomplete'. Now fixed. Now decoding GetStatus Device Requests in the details pane (previously showed generic RTF pane).
2.1 Implemented PRE Packet handling. Now not showing the whole configuration descriptor if only a few bytes have been read in. Fixed parsing abortion when receiving 1 byte descriptor data.
2.0.6 Fixed exception when parsing configuration descriptor captured from Macintosh host. Now displaying 'Alternate Setting' for the 'value' field in the 'Set Interface' device request (previously incorrectly displayed 'Interface'). Incorrectly displayed 'Device Remote Wakeup' Device Requests as 'Endpoint Halt'. Now fixed. Cleaned up descriptor decoding to avoid crashes due to short or malformed descriptors returned by the device under test. Changed SOP and EOP detection aimed at making the parsing more robust.
2.0.4 Fixed duplicated 'value' field in unknown Setup Transaction. The second field should have been named 'Index'. Fixed the SPLIT Packet CRC5 (previously always displayed as 'Valid'). Now only displays 1024 payload bytes in the tree view. Some Linux hosts generated data packets with over 1 MB payload. This crashed the application. The full payload can be seen in the Hex View. Added 'Device_Qualifier' descriptor decoding. Now detecting if the Analysis PC connection is FS. If so, showing a warning dialog and keeping start/stop capture menu command grayed out. We can not do FS since the Slave FIFO cannot be configured in 64 byte mode (FS max bulk size is 64 bytes). Updated the FX2 firmware since the FS EP Descriptor for EP 2 IN was not defined (caused crash when attempting to capture data). Fixed parsing abortion when interpreting device descriptor captured from MAC Host PC.
2.0.3 Made the HS Idle detection more robust. This fixes problems with failed HS detection due to SE0 being sent by the host >= 3ms after the chirp sequence. The 1480A previously stayed in HS mode until RxCmds were detected. Now detecting reversions to FS mode correctly. Changed the 'SOF Timeout' node to 'HS Idle' node since this is really what it is indicating.
2.0.2 Fixed bug that caused IN Transactions with STALL status not to be added to the tree view.
2.0.1 Introduced the 'Invalid Packet' tree node (shown when encountering packets with invalid PID). Added the 'Invalid Packets' Node Finder node. Now parsing out invalid top-level nodes too (previously the parsing was aborted when encountering invalid top-level packets).
2.0 Added SPLIT Transaction decoding. Added LS mouse and FS Serial dongle via hub captures that demonstrates the SPLIT Transaction decoding. Improved link activity LED functionality. Now flashing with 4Hz whenever detecting SETUP or DATA packets. Previously toggled on all packet detection. Now aborting Device Request tree node parsing if IN or OUT Transactions has STALL status (previously caused crash).
1.9 Introduced faster Asynchronous 1480A communication. Now flushing out all SDRAM FIFO data from 1480A when capture is stopped. Allowing tree node to continue update until end of stream marker found. This, so that all captured data will be shown in the tree node.
1.8.2 Fixed FPGA timing bug in Chirp Detection Sequence. No new software features introduced.
1.8.1 Added Message View pane. Various bug fixes.
1.7.1 Node Finder Search added. Various bug fixes.
1.6 Print support added. Added more sample captures. Various bug fixes.
1.5 Protocol Decoder updates.
1.4 GUI and parser improvements. Added more sample captures.
1.3 Multiple bug fixes. Installer changes.
1.2 Various minor bug fixes related to live capturing.
1.1 Now includes .NET Framework 2.0. Also added GUI Updates.
1.0 Initial version
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