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Hi, I have a problem when powering down my computer with connected 1480A. Short before the end of the shut down process the computer issues an error message and then restarts again. I cannot power the computer down. This is definitively caused by the 1480A because this happens only if the analyzer is connected to the USB port of the computer. If I disconnect the analyzer everything works well. Seems to be a combination of the driver and the connected analyzer hardware.
The error message is:
Driver_Power_State_Failure and as technical information:
*** Stop 0x0000009F (0x00000500, 0x00000002, 0x87115AC8, 0x8711BBA0)

Is there any work around? The analyzer is integrated in a test system and it is not so easy to disconnect it from the PC every time the PC is powered down.

The OS is Windows XP SP3, Home edition. Hardware AMD Sempron 2400+, 1.67GHz, 1GB Ram

Thank you
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This is a known issue. The 1480A firmware or host driver doesn't handle suspend correctly. Normally, we recommend that the 1480A is disconnected before suspending or powering down the analysis PC. We don't know at this time whether it is the Windows host USB driver or something in the 1480A firmware that causes this (both supplied by Cypress). We have made a note to look into this issue in more detail.
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The issue was caused by a 3rd party driver supplied by Cypress Semiconductor, which manufactures the FX2LP microcontroller used in the 1480A. The issue only happened on x86 systems and their latest x86 driver works fine with both sleep and hibernation with the 1480A plugged in.

The easiest way to upgrade is to simply do a “driver upgrade” via the device manager.