Link Power not activating

Posted: 13 years ago Quote
Just got our analyser thx, in another thread you list the following:

1) Is the 'Host Power' LED turned on on the 1480A unit? If not, you have not installed the host driver correctly.

2) Does the 1480A software say 'USB Analyzer Connected' in the status bar?

3) Is the rear 'Analysis PC' connected to one Vista laptop and the front ' Link under test' port connected to the other laptop?

4) Can your device under test be seen by the host PC (the PC connected to the 'Link under test' port)?

I get 1=yes, 2=yes, 3=we have a flash stick plugged in, 4=no can't see flash drive, link power and link activity not on. This is doing exactly the same on an XP machine and a Win7 machine.

any ideas?
Posted: 13 years ago Quote
ahh, OK instructions don't say you have to plug the other cable in to power it!! Problem sorted.