Text export

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I would like to compare different capture sessions.
For that reason i would like to export the data as comma or tab separated values for further processing.
The export should respect the filter and abs/rel timestamp settings.
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We have added this request to our todo-list. We will at the same time add Descriptor export functionality. This feature will make its way slowly into a later build because it is somewhat low on the priority list. Thanks.
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I know I will eventually come across a situation where I will need to copy & paste Message View lines to another program.
At that point, I would prefer not to have to consider making a (screen capture bitmap) -> (text) conversion program.
Please consider moving this feature to a higher priority in your todo-list.
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If you want to get to the raw message view data you can create a simple parser that reads the temp.atm file. This is a file that contains the same information as the temp.usb file that comes from the 1480A hardware but with the difference that the temp.usb file contains relative timestamps to save space in SDRAM and save upload USB bandwidth. The temp.atm contains absolute timestamps (ATM = Absolute Timestamp Messages).

The format of the temp.atm file is simple:

1) 64bit absolute timestamp in 1/60e6 ns ticks from the start of capture.
2) Byte that contains the message type (1=event, 2=data, 3=RcCmd).
3) Byte that contains the message data.

Keep parsing until you'll find an end-of-stream market (Event F0 or F1).

Note that the temp.usb file is being saved during capture. The temp.atm file is dynamically created by the 1480A application when an .usb file is opened or captured live. Before you run your .atm file parser, make sure that the 1480A message view fully displays the trace to the end.
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Thanks for the info!