Record data to ring buffer in memory

Posted: 13 years ago Quote
It would be a really nice feature if the computer could put data into a ring buffer in the PC's memory instead of writing to the hard drive. I do that as a diagnostics tool in my product. When enabled, it stores all of the status data in a ring buffer in memory. I only care about what leads up to the end. I don't need the GBytes of data from time zero. Just the MBytes at the end. This might allow the host computer and analysis computer to be the same computer because of the lessened overhead. You might need to disable live trace, or purge the trace display once in a while and start over. It would be helpful to have a protocol analyzer recording the data when you get a burp that only happens after many hours of operation. Once capture was stopped, the data could be copied from the ring buffer to the hard drive.


Posted: 13 years ago Quote
We have had a couple of similar requests. The problem with this is that this requires a complete redesign of the buffer FIFO in the FPGA which is a non-trivial change. We have added this to our TODO-list.