Search + Filter of NACKed OUT

Posted: 13 years ago Quote

It seems that filtering out NACKed OUT transactions causes search to become inaccurate.

How to reproduce:
- Get a USB trace with NACKed OUT transactions
- Filter NACKed OUT transactions
- Search for something which occurs after at least one NACKed OUT transaction

Observed result:
- The selected line is below actual match, by an offset which is certainly equal to the number of hidden NACKed OUT transactions since first line.

Expected result:
- Selected line should be the one matching the pattern.

- Displaying NACKed OUT transactions removes the inaccuracy.
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Thanks for reporting this. Could you please zip up a .usb file that we can use for testing? Please attach it here or send it to support @ international test instruments . com (remove spaces).
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FYI: We got your zip file and we are looking into the problem.
Posted: 13 years ago Quote
This issue has been fixed in version 3.6.1 (now available on our download page).
Posted: 13 years ago Quote
I confirm the problem has disappeared in 3.6.1 release.